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Politics Is A Dirty Business

so why do politicians say, "I've Spent My Life in Public Service?"

Bruce Gandy

I’m a freelancer who writes mostly (but not always) about politics, the environment, and humor — those frequently being the same thing. My strong spiritual bent counters my occasional potty mouth. Go figure. Some of my favorite topics include gerrymandering, the Electoral College, the environment/climate change, and why these two thoughts don’t go together: “Politics is a dirty business.” / “I’ve spent my life in Public Service.”

After voting for Reagan, and considering myself an Independent (but leaning left), I haven’t seen a Republican worthy of my vote since then. Bear in mind, I’m not talking about Conservatives. I’m talking about today’s GOP. Remembering that no one is above the law, the governing standard is honesty, compassion for our citizenry, country above party, critical expertise to gather solid information to make informed decisions, and the strength to represent all the people.

Bruce Gandy